Inspired by Sigmar Polke’s Art expressing his Radical Political Stance in the Aftermath of 9/11.

In the last few months, I have both been reading about Sigmar Polke,  and  I have also  started a series of paintings that are – in part – inspired by his work. In particular I found myself suddenly much more open to the radical visual force of his work  documented in the book I bought at his 2003-2004 Tate Modern exhibition : Sigmar Polke History of Everything  Paintings and Drawings 1998-2003. 

A year ago, in the summer of 2013 , I had made drawings and taken photos of the Thames near the Royal Docks from the air. From the Emirates High Line cable car. The deep rich murky browns,greys, and greens in the Thames had mesmerised me. As had the industrial metal waste and aggregate business that still clustered next to the north side of the river.

As I started working on a series of  aerial view paintings, from these drawings and photos, so I got drawn back to Sigmar Polke….and  his aerial view paintings which had come out of his research into the drone warfare launched by the US, after 9/11.

Now I am working on a second series of paintings which I am calling – with Sigmar by the Thames.

What follows is a photo record of the work on these paintings and some of my thoughts as it progresses.